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  • Dip Dipper for Liquid Sampling nasco

    Dip Dipper for Liquid Sampling

    “Dip” Dipper for Liquid Sampling Dip Dipper used for liquid sampling. The cup and tubular handle with finger grips allow for immersion into tanks, bottles, cans, vats, etc. A center rod...

    $189.00 - $303.00
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  • Fuel Sampler Fuel Sampler nasco

    Fuel Sampler

    Nasco Fuel Sampler. Use the Fuel Sampler to sample ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels.  Fuel Sampler is efficient and easy to use.  As the sampler is lowered into the fuel tank, the float...

    MSRP: $108.40
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  • Nasco Polyethylene Dippers Nasco Polyethylene Dippers

    Nasco Polyethylene Dippers

    Nasco Polyethylene Dippers High-density polyethylene dippers for removing samples from large tanks. Lightweight and durable. Comfortable, secure hand grip. 12-ft. (3.66 m) handle (two pieces) has a...

    $39.00 - $115.00
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  • Polypropylene Graduated Bottles

    Polypropylene Graduated Bottles

    Polypropylene Graduated Bottles Our polypropylene bottles by Nasco are Non-sterile, high-performance and ideal for a wide range of liquids and solids. Printed with large white marking space for...

    $3.10 - $6.50
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  • Settleometer for water sampling

    Settleometer Kit

    Settleometer Kit. The Settleometer kit by NASCO is used in water and wastewater treatment. The Settleometer evaluates sludge quality and settling. Importantly the Settleometer indicates solid and...

  • Sludge Nabber nasco Sludge Nabber

    Sludge Nabber

    Sludge Nabber 4 to 6-1/2 feet Extension Pole with Sludge Nabber fitting. The Nasco Sludge Nabber makes sample collection of liquids fast and easy. It has an adjustable aluminum pole that extends...

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  • Soil Probe 36"

    Soil Probe Deluxe 36"

    Soil Probe Deluxe. Heavy-duty soil probe with an easy-to-use foot stand for penetrating hard soils. The hand plunger easily ejects a soil sample from the heavy tube. This 36" long tool takes a full...

    MSRP: $128.75
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  • Soil Sample Bags

    Soil Sample Bags Box of 1,000

    Soil Sample Bags These Soil Sample Bags are used for sample submission for analytical assessment. The square bottom bag is heat sealed, making it sift proof. Has a volume of approximately 28 oz...

    MSRP: $324.30
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  • Stainless Steel Dipper

    Stainless Steel Dipper

    Stainless Steel Dipper - 27" (0.68 cm) Handle. Stainless steel sample collection dipper made of 18-8 stainless steel with an overflow hole and hooked handle. Diameter of bowl is approximately 1" (25...

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