Soil Sampling

These soil probes are tough, easy to use and keep clean. Take 10", up to 14 ¼”, core sample, 1" in diameter with soil samples at or near the ground surface. Get a quick soil profile or description, to determine soil moisture content. We offer Soil Probes made of stainless steel and steel tubing, electroplated with copper, and then chromed. All out soil probes wipe clean, ready for another sample.

  • Soil Probe 36"

    Soil Probe Deluxe 36"

    Soil Probe Deluxe. Heavy-duty soil probe with an easy-to-use foot stand for penetrating hard soils. The hand plunger easily ejects a soil sample from the heavy tube. This 36" long tool takes a full 10" core sample, 1" in diameter. Made from stainless...

    MSRP: $128.75
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